Interior Design Photography – Photographers Responsibilities to the Designer

In choosing to work with a specific photographer a designer has decided to not only make an investment of time and money in their photographs but to let that photographer have an impact upon the future of their business and their career.

Many photographers do not appreciate the level of trust placed in them by their clients and therefor do not recognize the importance of their photographs to the designer. The designer will use their photographs in sales presentations, to submit for editorial publication, in mailers, magazine advertisements and on their web site. The interior designer will be using their photographs in more ways, to do more things than any other business tool they posses other than their telephone. An interior designers photographs are every bit as important to their professional image as their business cards.

It is the photographers responsibility to ensure the client get high quality images that meet exacting technical standards in regards to exposure, focus and color rendition, but these technical issues are only the beginning of the photographers responsibilities. In order to craft a visual representation of another artists work the interior design photographer must also have a strong talent for composition as well as the ability to communicate complex concepts to the client in terms the client can understand and to understand the communication of complex concepts being directed at them.

Communication is the Key – You Can Learn Nothing if You Do All the Talking

For many photographers it is not difficult to share their ideas with others, but it is difficult to have others share their ideas with them without being “put off” or offended in some manner. As interior design photographers we must be able to accept criticism not as judgmental or as a condemnation of our ides, but as constructive contributions to achieving the goal of communicating the interior designers ideas and design concept. To achieve this we have to acknowledge that we are part of a team and be willing to accept that the other team members ideas are every bit as valid as our own and we have to hear what they are saying not just listen to the words, and incorporate their ideas in our compositions.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

As professional photographers we are expected to create dynamic images that catch the eye and elicit a visceral response from the viewers. By openly collaborating with our clients we not only create the best images we can, we create images that clearly speak with the designers voice. And this is what our clients’ need to make sales, win competitions and get published.

Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design

Are you looking for some ideas on getting started with designing, or remodeling the interior of your house? Everyday I get literally hundreds of emails asking the same question from new designers: “Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design?”

Most people are very well-informed from the start, and are just looking for a few pointers on where to go with their bedroom style, wall design, or color variations for the kitchen. Others are simply looking to break into the interior design business.

And of course, there are quite a number of enthusiastic beginner designers, home owners in fact, that are anxious to embark on a new and exciting hobby with interior design. The following list of ideas are for that group of people, probably you, as you are thinking right now “Ok, can you give me some ideas on interior design?”

So let’s begin:

Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design For Better Bedroom Storage?

The best way to increase your storage space for the bedroom, and one that will make a beautiful interior design edition to the area, is to use storage chests. Storage chests are absolutely perfect for storing quilts, clean bed linens, and even clothes.

You have two choices when obtaining a storage chest. You can either make one from scratch, or purchase an unfinished design from a furniture store. Add extra storage space by using divider trays to help keep safe your smaller, cherished memorabilia. My personal favorite technique is to make a storage chest from scratch, using plywood, and then cover it with a colorful bedroom decor, making the handles out of decorative casters.

Can You Give Me Some Ideas On Interior Design For Dividing A Large Room?

Dividing up a large room into sections, or possibly two rooms, is an excellent way to create more depth and individual style. Depending on the type of space you have to work with, consider having a sliding glass door built into the room.

Now before you get confused, imagine a beautiful, white framed, sliding glass door suddenly separating your living room and your kitchen space, which was once an open walk-through.

Whether it is solid, or glass (my favorite), a sliding door offers major advantages over swinging doors when it comes to creating two rooms from one. When the doors are fully open, they will disappear into the wall, thus creating more space. Your guests may not even realize that there are two sliding doors as they disappear within the walls when open. And then once you close them, you have separation and privacy of each individual space, just as you desired.

Interior Design Business Marketing Strategies – What Value Do You Bring to Your Clients?

Yesterday I gave my first teleseminar. Other than me giving out the wrong phone number to my attendees, I think it went really well. I gave lots of good information and even had a chance to talk about my new upcoming telesummit which is going to be absolutely fabulous!

So I felt really good about helping designers build a better business for their firms and today I went on Twitter to find someone sending a link to a blog post that designers are taking any kind of job right now to survive.

I felt very sad to see that and, although I know times are not as good as everyone would like, I so strongly believe that interior designers need to really start to think differently about their business models.

As I said in the seminar last night, I am a business consultant for the interior design sector and even I had to start to incorporate new marketing techniques like Social Media into my marketing plans. But I do not discount my fees because we are in hard times.

At the risk of really sounding quite pompous (and I apologize in advance because I am not), but my fees are as valuable in good or bad economies. In fact, I should RAISE my fees in a bad economy (which, of course, I do not)

So I have some advise for interior designers to help reinvent their business strategies:

(1) You are not selling design. Design is a product just like when I was selling beautiful product from Donghia and Larsen. It’s beautiful as I am sure your design work is, but there is a lot from which to choose out there. Offer VALUE. People will pay for what they perceive as value. How much is a Starbucks coffee? Do they apologize for the price? NO they RAISE it!

(2) Sell you entire design company. The value it will bring to a client. The experience your client will have working with you. Your business philosophy, the way you work, how your staff works to keep the project flawless.

(3) Use creative marketing ideas like blogging, Twitter, Linkedin…but learn how to use them strategically if you don’t already know otherwise it will just suck up your time….BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST

(4) DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET – once you do..dig deeper NOT wider.

(5) Network in a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT. But until you name that target, you will not be able to network, will you?

You have much more value to a target market than you do if you cast your net to try to catch anything. How many resources are you wasting by TRYING to get a client. Wouldn’t it be so much better to have clients know who YOU are? Until you define that target market you are one of a thousand interior design firms.

I know that might hurt to read that, but if I said I was a consultant, what does that tell you? What value do I bring to the table? I am one in a million out of work people (as someone once told me when I told them I was a consultant). This person asked me to dig deeper and find my value to future clients and I am asking interior designers to think the same way!

Project Management Software for Interior Designers

Until a few decades back, interior designing never meant much especially in country like India but times have changed and with time the mentality, needs and requirements of people has also changed. Society has become more sophisticated than ever and this has led to increased number of jobs, projects and people in the interior designing business. The main task of a Project Management Software is to keep track of all the projects and documentation related to each project. Interior designing projects have become quite big these days. In fact rich people buy properties spread over many acres of land and give the job of decorating it to Interior Designs. A software solution of the project will not only help to keep track of the whole projects but will also manage the designs, requirements and materials required in the process.

Material management is the most important aspect of Project Management Software. When it comes to designing then even a small candle holder or lamp holds great value to the aesthetic value or theme of the room or the building or the house. Most people love to have theme based houses and symmetry is required in some way or other meaning you will be needing lightings, fans, lamps, furniture, tables, and carpets of similar or same types and that too in a particular number. Keeping manual records especially in case of a big project is close to impossible this is where a Project Management Software helps to manage and record everything in an orderly manager which makes sense. Software solution for interior designing adds a professional touch to the whole idea and basic concept. Automation is viewed as a tool in every field nowadays; there is no reason for interior designing to be left behind.

Project Management Software also helps in better designing and understanding of the whole project. It becomes easier to carry out changes and give better presentation to your clients or customers. It creates a good image among customers and increases the confidence in your clients. The main features that an ideal a Project Management Software should have include a central database to cover information of the whole project, project tracking and logistics facilities, payment details and financial management of the whole project quick calculators that would help in measuring various aspects of a room or a hall to decide the length say of a carpet or a some furniture or decide what kind of lighting would be appropriate. It will take the business of interior designing to new levels. It will also provide require backup and portability features for handling an interior designing project. The main task of a Project Management Software is to keep track of all the projects and documentation related to each project.